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  • 12 Nov 2011
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November 12-13, 2011

University of California, Santa Cruz (CA)

The Pacific Study Group of the North American Kant Society would like to announce a call for papers for graduate students only for its tenth annual meeting to be held November 12-13, 2011 at the University of California-Santa Cruz. The invited speakers will be Michelle Grier (University of San Diego), David Hills (Stanford University), Pierre Keller (UC-Riverside), Abe Stone (UC-Santa Cruz), and Julie Tenenbaum (Pomona College).

The best paper submitted by a graduate student will be awarded a stipend of $200 to offset expenses for the conference. The winning essay is eligible for the Annual Markus Herz Award for the best paper by a graduate student read at any of the regional NAKS study group meetings.

The Pacific Study Group is an informal group that meets once a year (historically, in the fall) to facilitate interaction among Kant scholars by means of 5 or 6 45-minute presentations followed by informal discussion. One must be a member of NAKS to submit a paper at the PSG meeting. However, attendance at the PSG meetings is free and open to all. The PSG receives financial support from the North American Kant Society and from host universities.

Papers submitted for the meetings may discuss any topic in Kantian Studies. The term "Kantian Studies" is broadly conceived to include not only contemporary "Kantian" approaches to philosophical problems but also the discussion of Kant's immediate predecessors, contemporaries, and successors such as the German Idealists.

Programs of earlier meetings of the Pacific Study Group were:

  • 2002 UCSD (Invited Speaker: Allen Wood)
  • 2003 University of California, Berkeley (Invited Speaker: Michael Friedman)
  • 2004 Pomona College (Invited Speaker: Henry Allison)
  • 2005 Stanford University (Invited Speaker: Paul Guyer)
  • 2006 UC-Riverside (Invited Speakers, Karl Ameriks & Tyler Burge)
  • 2007 UCLA (Invited Speaker, Beatrice Longunesse)
  • 2008 UC-Irvine (Invited Speaker: Eckart Förster)
  • 2009 UCSD (Invited Speaker: Robert Pippin)
  • 2010 Claremont McKenna College (Invited speaker: Rae Langton)

Papers no longer than 25 pages to be considered for presentation at the next meeting should be sent as an e-mail attachment to

Eric Watkins (ewatkins@ucsd.edu)

by August 1, 2011 (in Word, pdf, or Richt-Text-Format).

Papers may not be submitted to both the Pacific Study Group and another Study Group in the same year.

More information on hotel accommodations and the program will be available by November.

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