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  • 01 Jan 2016
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Series Editors

Lawrence Pasternack
Professor of Philosophy, Oklahoma State University

Pablo Muchnik
Associate Professor of Philosophy, Emerson College

Call for Translators

Kant’s Sources in Translation is a new series being published by Bloomsbury. Its goal is to provide the background essential to understanding the genesis of Kant’s thought by bringing together English language editions of the works that influenced Kant’s philosophical development.

The first two translations are due out next year, Preparation for Natural Theology by Johann August Eberhard (Translated by Courtney Fugate and John Hymers) and Excerpts from the Doctrine of Reason by Georg Friedrich Meier (Translated by Aaron Bunch in collaboration with Axel Gelfert and Riccardo Pozzo).

We are now looking for skilled translators of Latin and German to translate future titles planned for the series, making these influential works accessible in English, often for the first time. This would involve working on texts including:

  • Jus naturae inusum auditorium by Gottfried Achenwall
  • Initia philosophiae practicae primae acroamatice by Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten 
  • Ethica philosophica byAlexander Gottlieb Baumgarten.

Translators will be paid a fee and royalties on both the hardback and paperback edition. If you are interested in translating for the series and would like to discuss the role further, please contact Colleen Coalter, Philosophy Commissioning Editor at Bloomsbury: colleen.coalter@bloomsbury.com

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