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MONIST: Laws of Nature

  • 19 Sep 2014
  • 31 Jul 2016
  • The Monist, 100:3 July 2017


The Monist, 100:3 July 2017

Deadline for submissions: July 31, 2016

Advisory Editor: Angela Breitenbach, Cambridge (ab355@cam.ac.uk) and Michela Massimi, Edinburgh (michela.massimi@ed.ac.uk)

Kant argued that the laws of nature were, in part, the result of our mind projecting an order onto nature. This issue of The Monist seeks to assess the prospects of such a conception of laws for contemporary debates in the philosophy of science. We invite contributions addressing questions such as: How is ‘projecting an order onto nature’ properly to be understood? What good can a conception of laws in these terms be for on-going debates between realist and empiricist approaches to laws of nature? Can a Kantian view shed light on the foundations of modern physics (and especially on quantum mechanics) or on contested issues concerning the nature of laws in biology; and might such a view advance current debates over the unity or disunity of science?

We encourage all intending authors to make direct contact with the Advisory Editors, Angela Breitenbach and Michela Massimi.

Submissions should not exceed 7,500 words, should be prepared for blind refereeing, and should include a brief abstract. Please also refer to the submission guidelines:


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